Monstertrack 2016 Beat

by Frietboer




Making a time-document in audio with Hip Hop (culture) influences. Giving everyone a chance to participate.

Limits, borders or boundaries and how you experience this in your own environment (or in any other abstract way): i.e. emotional borders / boundaries, geographical borders, physical borders / limits, limits in growth, environmental limits, personal boundaries etc.

-A maximum of 16 bars (4/4) per person / (on 82 bpm or 8 bars on 164 bpm).
-Any language as long as it is in audio (this time no video-contributions).
-Do not (re)upload any of our or your material before 1 september.
-Be creative, no violence, no fronting, only good vibes please.

Contributions: 1 august
Release of final video and audio: 1 september

Music: Monstertrack 2016 Beat (82bpm)
Listen via:

Download track + information (for vocalists/dj's and musicians):!M8RVEaaR!5VcwzseGhtUIWsscS0_xJRxIyBDaX5pHLtQQxKWflps

Download stems + information (for beatmakers/remixers):!Isx1wRyD!029cKZ7cjJHeVyehAixqhxv4Z4pdvBFSW_VVvC-fuP4

How to send:
Compose a mail containing:
1: Your name + Artist name + City and country.
2: Put the lyrics in a textfile.
3: A download of your audiotracks via or

Format: wav / aiff (if lyrics or cuts, without the beat + a reference-track)

If you miss one of these things we will contact you ONCE!

All contributions / questions / remarks / anything else:
subject: Monstertrack 2016 + Your name

If you want to contribute, let us know and if you don't understand this description? Don't hesitate to mail us.

Previous Monstertrack (2015) can be found via:


released May 25, 2016



all rights reserved


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Frietboerism is a label which specializes in lo-fi, hiphop and instrumental music.

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